Why your interior needs detailing

Heres a great article on how dirty vehicle interiors actually are:

Car Interiors Are Nine Times Dirtier Than Public Toilets

Lets face it vehicle interiors are tough to clean, they are small tight areas that are hard to reach and take alot of effort to look nice , even with the proper tools interiors are still the hardest part of a vehicle to clean and maintain.

We are in are cars and average of 2-3 hours a day at least ! Our cars our like our mobile homes or offices , we do almost everything out of them. Keeping them clean is very important to our health , and to the value of your vehicle . Those kid messes in the rear area and the coffee you spilled last wednesday contain all sorts of bacterias and enzymes that cause headaches , nausea , congestion , and all breakdown  the materials you interior is made of.

A great interior detail should consist of cleaning and SANITIZING  the entire interior , I see all to often vehicles that are “detailed” but not sanitized, this is the most important step in the interior detailing process. I always say just because it looks clean doesnt mean it is , without the use of proper sanitizing such as steam or enzymes that breakdown molds, bacterias and ohter organism that live in your interior your not truly getting a “clean ” interior you are getting a “cleaner” interior than you had prior.  At my shop we use european steam  and live bacteria killing enzymes to properly clean your entire interior.

Some tips to help maintain your vehicle between details:

Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you use it reguraly on your hands

If something is spilled in your vehicle clean it up with hot as you can tolerate water. Lightly agitate the surface DO NOT scrub hard .

Vacuum you vehicle at least once a month

Heres some pics of recent interior work we performed:

before and after
before and after vents
cupholders cleaned and sanitized

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