Why I treat all cars like there my own

I care for every vehicle that comes to our shop for service like I would want my vehicle treated , not because I own the place and want to make a great impression on my customer but because im a car guy. To me a car guy , a true car guy respects everything auto relalted , we might have our preferences of brands, makes , models , etc but at the end of the day we have a special place in our hearts for this niche.

I got the “car bug” at an early age , my mom was epileptic and could not drive , my dad wasnt around alot. We had this guy that lived in our neighborhood who had a really loud old car , it was red oxide primered and us kids would hear him fire that thing up and run out to the street to see what was making that sound. He would gives us rides in it every now and then and do burnouts and doughnuts with us . Its one of my best childhood memories. The car was a 1966 Chevelle Super Sport. The first time he told us what kind of car it was , it was instantly burned in my brain 66 chevelle super sport . I must have said it a hundred times that day . I would tell everyone that i got to ride in a 66 chevelle super sport. That was the day I began to fall for cars.

My love for cars today is just as great as that day if not greater . I have a place in my heart for all of them. My employess poke fun at me because sometimes i talk to the cars we are working on or stand up for one when others make fun. If a vehicle is giving me a tough time , I talk to it and assure it im here to make them better. Maybe its a mental thing but to me it seems to work better than getting frustrated with it.

To sum this topic up , I treat all cars like my own because , well frankly I love cars always have , always will. They have given me this oppurtunity to do what i love and get paid for it. Without them i would probably be stuck in a cubicle somewhere hating my existence, so for that I show them appreciation by the treating them all like there my 66 chevelle super sport!

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