The different types of detailing and detailers

Lets be real here , basic detailing is not that hard , thats why we see all these new shops  and craigslist detailers pop up every year. The initial investment is not super expensive to get into . If  you have cleaned your own vehicle , with a little more practice and research (at least 3-4 youtube videos lol ) you to could claim to be a “detailer” .

These type of detailers have no formal training , have never worked under an experienced journey man level detailer . Thats the scary part , they usually buy the cheapest products and equipment they can to keep the cost low and profits high. What they dont realize is that some of those products , even though they do the job at the time of the detail are actually harmful for some of the materials in your vehicle in the long run. Heres an example: using an unbalanced all purpose cleaner on leather is a big no no , even though the a.p.c. cleans the leather it also penetrates the pores of the leather and begins breaking down the structural integrity of the leather immediately , thats why your leather gets dried out and starts cracking 6 months after you just had your vehicle detailed.

In my opinion a true detailer , has at least 10 years experience, has formal training or has worked under and experienced detailer for at least 5 years.
A good detailer knows the ph scale and how it works in conjuction with all the different materials your vehicle is made of . A good detailer always practices the “least aggresive method” to get the desired results. They consistently improve there techniques and methods with your vehicles safety in mind. A good detailer buys the proper tools to do the job correctly. They invest time and money into learning the safest methods , products and procedures to preserve your vehicles condition properly . 

In short you get what you pay for , do you want the mcdonalds  of detailing or do you want the steakhouse of detailing?  You might pay a bit more but the flavors are totally different. The mcdonalds detailer is cheaper , fills you up for the moment but is unhealthy in the long run. The steakhouse detailer is more money but the products are better and healthier for your vehicle now and in the long run. Choose wisely !

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