I have alot of clients this time of year who ask “why should i do the outside of my car in the winter its just going to get dirty”. While that is true, the answer to that question is simple. PROTECTION, with all the bad chemicals, salts, cinders and everything else on the road your vehicle needs to be protected. Thats where a ceramic sealer or carnuba wax comes in . Also it is not good for for your vehicles exterior materials to be left in chemicals, salts, cinder etc , as these harsh things will break down your vehicles plastics , chrome , glass , and paint. This leads to expensive repairs and rust damage.

My recomendation is to protect your vehicle before the first heavy snow of the year . Wash your vehicle after each passing storm and have your undercarriage rinsed at lease once during this time of year to prevent rusting and corrosion of your supension parts, frame , underbody etc.

Even though you dont get to enjoy the wow factor of a nice shiny exterior for very long during this time of year it is still a  idea to have it protected for the harsh weather. 

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