Why brand new cars need detailed too.

In the shop this week we have several 2018 vehicles here for detailing services . Why does a brand new car need detailed you ask? Its  a great question and one that needs to be answered in explanation.

When cars  are built at the factory , they are just that built, assembled , and shipped that is it. No wax , no leather conditioning , no protection . They then travel to and from all over the country on trucks or ships , along the way they are exposed to all kinds of different environmental contaminates .  Such as UV exposure , acid rain , rail dust , road materials , etc etc. Then there is the people along the way getting in and out of the vehicle , moving the vehicle , potentially damaging the new vehicles paint , interior , glass etc.

Once they reach the dealership , most dealers don’t spend more than an hour preparing the car to get on the lot . There lot boy rips the plastic covers off , washes the vehicle and puts it on the lot.  In essence your are buying a new to you but abused along the way vehicle. This is the reality of the auto industry.

You just spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on your new vehicle , wouldn’t it be wise to invest in protecting it right from the start? That’s where a good , certified , detailer comes in .  Dealerships will sell you on a new car protection package that is 9/10 times complete B.S. to be honest. They are typically these low end paint and interior sealants  that are marked up ludicrously. They only last a few months at most. A good , knowledgeable detailer will be able to offer you better protection at a better price and maintain your vehicle throughout ownership  .  The Audi in the pics below has less than a 1,000 miles on it , it doesnt even have license plates yet and you can see in the pics the damage that has occured already just from the above mentioned circumstances.  In short if you want to keep your new investment in as good as shape as the day you bought it , bring it to a private detailer , and have it protected the right way with good products. That is why you should have your brand new car detailed .

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