FOR SALE: Your Vehicle , How to get the most money out of it!

When it comes to selling your vehicle , there are certain things that you should do to prepare your vehicle for its new potential owner. You want whom ever is considering buying your vehicle to be impressed, that is where a great detailer comes in!

Potential buyers don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for someone else dirty mess of a vehicle , on top of that your vehicle will most likely sale itself with a good properly done detail. A good detail should take 6-10 hours of work and cost somewhere above 300.00 honestly . If it doesn’t take that long or costs that much ask yourself “what corners did he cut to make money ” , because that is exactly what happened. You might of saved a few bucks but that type of detailer probably didn’t pay much attention to the “details” of your vehicle . Like flawless glass, great looking paint and other key points of selling your vehicle .

A fresh detail done right on a vehicle can increase its value at least 1000.00 dollars, so spending the money to have your vehicle detailed is well worth it . Spend 300-500 now and get a 1000.00  more for your vehicle than you anticipated. Here’s  a great article on detailing before selling your vehicle

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