Our clients often ask “how do you the glass so clean and streak free” ! The answer is our glass cleaning process:

We start by using good clean microfiber towels , I like to start the process with a waffle weave micro fiber towel, I spray glass cleaner directly into the towel . I don’t saturate the towel but make sure it is damp. I wipe the interior glass vertically , the exterior glass horizontally . Doing this will tell you what side of the glass has smears or streaks when you get to your final wipe down. After the waffle weave dampened towel , I follow that up right away with a finer gsm microfiber towel , I switch to new towels halfway through the vehicle to ensure there’s no contamination from the previous windows. I clean all the glass in that manner . We then go around and inspect the glass from all different angles , and determine what side of the glass the smears or streaks are on and with a fresh fine gsm microfiber towel remove the streaks or smears , sometimes a light spritz of glass cleaner is needed to remove any residue left on the glass. We continue to walk around the vehicle inspecting the glass until there is no more visible streaks or smears. We then follow that up with an ultra soft microfiber towel for a final wipe down that picks up any lint or fine residue left behind. This is a great method for getting spotless glass. Here’s a link to some great microfiber towels from an outstanding company ! Happy glass cleaning !

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