My clients ask me often ” Which car wash should I use” ? My answer to this is always “you should not use an automated car wash” . Here is the reason , car washes are all smoke and mirrors . They project to people that they are a great way to wash , wax your vehicle conveniently . While they are convenient they are the number one reason for your vehicles paint deterioration. Let me elaborate on this more , when you take your car through a car wash , the package my say all these great things like super suds soap and ultra wax or whatever but they are pulling a fast one on you . Those soaps and waxes are really just harsh de greasers and acids that break down your vehicles finish and are meant to strip the exterior surfaces of all dirt and grime as well as any wax or sealant that you might have on your vehicle .  As for the wax , Its simply just a gloss enhancer that’s added to the “soap” that doesn’t last more than a day or two . You can test this by putting water on your vehicle a couple days after going through the car wash ,  the water will not bead like a wax job should. Further more the brushes that are used on your vehicle in those tunnel washes have been used on thousands of vehicles before yours and are probably not maintained on a regular basis or replaced as needed. With that being said , that’s the reason your paint gets “swirly” looking scratches and your paint  starts to look dull . The combination of the brushes and the harsh chemicals is a recipe for your vehicles paint to fail and lead to oxidation , chalkiness , uv damage .

I know car washes  are cheaper , more convenient and pretty fun , but they are a harsh way to maintain your vehicle. Below are some links to some easy more convenient ways to wash your vehicle easily and have fun doing it .


This product is what we use everyday here at my shop and what i recommend to all my customers , Its is easy to use , economical , and environmentally friendly. There are tons of videos on YouTube about it .

Also Foam cannon washing method is great way as well but is messy and not as environmentally friendly . It requires much more water and is less effective than the no rinse method. Please feel free to comment with any questions , Im happy to answer them . Also if you would like a free lesson on proper wash techniques contact me .

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