Exterior Detailing in Winter Time in Central Oregon

Here in central Oregon we have a harsh climate for vehicles , not just in winter but in summer to .  In 8 years in the detailing business here , I’ve noticed that every winter people seem to only want there interior cleaned not the exterior because its winter . I understand the thinking : Why should I have the outside detailed its just going to get dirty right away. In this blog I’m going to explain why.

In Winter there are a number of environmental hazards here in Oregon that you should be conscious of , cinder , de-icer, road salt , road oil , tar , snow , dirt , debris , and the list could go on . Having your car detailed just prior to winter is ideal , a fresh coat of sealant , ceramic coating or wax goes along way to protecting your vehicles paint , chrome , plastics , and glass from the environmental hazards. Even in the middle of winter if you haven’t waxed or protected your vehicles exterior in a while it is a good idea to get a fresh coat of protection applied . That’s one of  the benefits of having your exterior detailed : PROTECTION . Even though you don’t get to enjoy the shine of your vehicles freshly waxed paint , you do get the piece of mind knowing that your investment is protected! Also a fresh exterior detail , done by a professional detailer will make getting all that road grime, cinder and de-icer a lot easier to remove . Your vehicle will look a lot better after winter because it had been protected through out the harshest time of the year.

I usually recommend to my clients to have there vehicles detailed and protected twice a year here in central Oregon . Once in October , November , just before winter. Then again just before summer (May/June). By protecting your vehicle this way , you are putting a shield of protection on your vehicle just before summer ( harsh UV rays , bug gut acids , tree sap , bird droppings , environmental fall out etc)  and right before winter to protect against the hazards described above. As far as the type of protection goes , there are several options : Wax is the cheapest option but also the least durable and only last a month or two at most. Sealant are a great middle of the budget option , they are more expensive than wax and last 6 months to a year . Ceramic coatings are the future of vehicle protection and there are coatings that last from 1 year to 10 years !!! Ceramics are much more durable and more chemically resistant , they are also on average 10x thicker than wax or sealant. They are a more expensive option than the other but there protection and longevity is far superior .

As a professional detailer , my recommendation to my clients is always to detail both the interior and exterior during the winter for the protective aspects of a good detail. I mean you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on your vehicle so to me its  worth a hundred bucks or so to protect it?

Here’s a great article on winter protection:


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