I’m going to begin this blog post by saying that these tips are for after your vehicle has been properly washed . Your car should be freshly washed , in the shade and cool to the touch before you apply any wax.

The first tip is your selection of wax , I recommend locating a good detail shop that has retail products for sale , they will have the knowledge and products to start you on the right path . Watching videos online is good insight but keep in mind, most people making videos are professionals . They are in a different climate , with better tools , and experience. Your local professional detailer will give you insight into the best techniques and products for your particular area. As for waxes here in central Oregon , I actually do not recommend wax here as it does not last very long n our environment . At a minimum I recommend a polymer or ceramic based sealer .  Sealers are more chemical resistant , UV resistant and just better protection . At my shop we only use sealers as our standard . Other shops up charge for this.

Wax application: for the DIY person , I would recommend using a clay bar to remove environmental contaminants that get lodged in the pores of your vehicles clear coat , use a quick detail spray as lube and glide the clay bar across the painted surfaces and glass, fold the clay bar like play dough after each panel to use a clean clay side . Dry each panel after claying . If your are going to shine your tires or black trim now’s the time to do it, before waxing so that you don’t contaminate the wax on your freshly clayed vehicle.  Once your done shining your vehicle I recommend wiping down the vehicle with a 50/50 mix of 91% rubbing alcohol and water. Doing this removes any silicone , polish or wax oils that might be left on the vehicle that will interfere with wax adhesion. Now for the actual wax application , if your going to hand wax you will need a nice soft applicator pad and the wax or sealer of choice. Start with two to three pea sized drops on the applicator , less is more when it comes to waxing. Work applicator in overlapping circular motions one panel at a time being careful not to hit any of the trim. Wipe off after each panel using two nice soft microfiber towels. I recommend doing two coats per panel .

There are also fantastic , easy to use spray-able waxes on the market . These are the future of waxing and protection for your vehicle , they literally spray on , buff in with towels and buff off with towels to a shine !We keep these products in stock so please come by and pick some up and pick my brain! Here’s a couple link to some of my favorites  :



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