Headlights these days are made of cheaper materials and thus start clouding up within the first couple years of being exposed to the outdoors.  The sun , air , debris , environmental fall out all play a role in breaking down the uv barrier on the outside of your headlights . There is a proper way to restore headlights and a bunch of bad ways. These bad ways might be cheaper but in the long run they are destroying your headlights. In this blog i will discuss the right way to properly restore headlights and touch on the bad ways .

To properly restore your headlights first you need to understand why they are getting foggy in the first place.  Most headlights are made of poly carbonate plastic and have a UV clear coat sprayed over the top of them . This UV protection is the issue as it is deteriorating it causes fogginess , or blotchy looking headlights. This UV clear coat MUST be removed completely to properly restore your headlights. The only way to remove the coating is through abrasion or sanding. Some detailers simply compound or polish the coating to shine it up . This is a band aid fix and not a proper repair, just because the headlights are shiny again doesn’t mean the real problem is solved. In fact they have actually done more damage to the light by removing even more of the coating but not all of it and putting a new coating on it.  That method is a temporary fix.

To properly restore headlights , as mentioned before the UV coating needs to be removed through abrasion completely. Then a new UV clear coat needs to be applied . This method will give you longer lasting , better looking results . We offer this method only at my shop along with a lifetime warranty . This is the proper way to restore your lights to the maximum potential. There are other ways like toothpaste , and magic wipes that again put a band aid on the problem not fix the under lying issue . Please feel free to check out some of our work on facebook at :

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