I’m sure if your reading this , you know the exact seats I’m talking about. Those light colored ones , that even spilling water on them makes them look horrible.  Those seats that seem impossible to clean . I know your struggle , even as a professional detailer these seats are probably my biggest challenge. In this article I’m going to give you some good tips on how to clean them up .

First , lets discuss why these seats make stains and spills looks so bad. Car manufacturers for a number of reasons decided to go with this type of fabric . Its supposed to repel stains out of the fibers of the seats so that stains and spills don’t get embedded into the fiber but rather sit on the surface of the fabric seat , creating those “white and dark looking rings” my clients describe. In theory it was a great idea but in my opinion they dropped the ball on thinking how consumers seats would look after multiple spills and how tough those “rings ” are to remove .

Now that we understand the science behind the fabric , here’s some tips to keep your sport fabric seats looking good. First , if something is spilled on the seats wipe it up asap , using light pressure and hot water if possible. You want to continue to lightly rub the stain with a towel until you see no more of the stain transferring onto the towel. Next if possible lightly rub the entire seat area with hot water to blend in the surrounding area so that you don’t end up with clean spots on your seats.  Try to avoid using chemicals as these fabrics are very sensitive and can be damaged if not treated properly. If stains persist have your seats detailed by a certified , trained professional .

I know these seats drive a lot of my clients insane so i hope this helps , also I always encourage my clients to have these seats treated with our fabric guard to help further repel stains and make cleaning easier .

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