Your vehicle is an investment ! Treat it like one!

cupholders cleaned and sanitized

I talk to a lot of people about detailing , some tend to think detailing is a waste of money or only needs to be done before trading it in or getting ready to sale .  Those are two reasons that you should have your vehicle detailed but there is many other reasons as well. Those topics are what I’m going to cover in today’s article .

First and foremost is the amount of money you have spent on your vehicle , now days vehicle prices have gone up dramatically , some reaching 50,000 – 70,000.00 !! With monthly payments and cash down , vehicles are the 2nd largest investment in our lifetime. That alone should be enough reason to have your vehicle detailed at least yearly if not regularly on a maintenance schedule like  a lot of our clients on our maintenance program. Your investment should be taken care of . Did you  know that vehicles that are cared for regularly get an average of 1500.00 more when you trade them in or sale them? That pretty much pays for the cost of keeping it detailed regularly .

Next is appearance to me , no one wants to ride in some worn out ,beat up neglected vehicle. Also if you use your vehicle for work , on a job site etc , it doesn’t leave a good impression on people when your vehicle looks dirty . Neglected vehicles are often stinky , grimy feeling and uncomfortable.

The biggest reason I can think of to keep your vehicle cleaned regularly is your loved ones! Kids , spouses , friends , pets , if you have uncleaned spills in your vehicle you could be exposing your loved ones to bacteria and harmful gasses that cause sickness , nausea etc. Take a coffee spill for example: If you use cream and sugar in your coffee, if it spills that milk and sugar over time off gasses in your vehicle and emits air borne bacteria that can smell awful and cause headaches, nausea and vomiting . You might not even smell it before its to late .

In the scope of things keeping up on your vehicle is a great way to insure you get the most money out of it when you go to sale it, trade it in etc, it also keeps it looking better and protected as well as making sure your not exposing your loved ones to any harsh bacteria .

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