Why your new car needs detailed too.

At the shop this week we have several 2018 vehicles in the shop for our detailing services. I know what your thinking : Why does a brand new vehicle need to be detailed? There a few reasons but the main point Id like to discuss is protection.

When new vehicles leave the plant and head to the dealership , they are transported on trains , boats , trucks etc. They are minimally protected , usually wrapped in plastic. They are exposed to all kinds of environmental contaminants such as rail dust, exhaust gas , UV rays , acid rain , tree sap , bird droppings . When they get to the dealership , typically they receive a quick wash , remove the plastics and out to the lot they go where they sit for months once again exposed to all the environmental contaminants that cause pre mature paint failures such as oxidation , water spots  , paint staining etc. All of these reasons are why a new car should be detailed .

You should have at least the exterior of your new vehicle detailed asap after purchase to have the above contaminants removed and some sort of protection applied. Protection can come in many varieties from a simple wax job , to a permanent protective coating. By having your vehicle protected right out of the gate ,your setting yourself and your vehicle up for easier maintenance , better looking , more affordable detailing in the future.

Many consumers believe that the dealerships wax the new cars right when they come in , In my experience they only do this if they see a problem or issue such as a black car covered in swirl marks. On top of that most dealerships don’t employ competent professional detailers but rather anyone they can get to wash vehicles as fast as they can. Dealerships might also offer some sort of protection package for your new car , this is usually just a decent paint sealant and some scotch guard, a professional detailer will have long lasting durable options at an affordable price that will outlast any dealer offering.

As a professional detailer and car enthusiast my recommendation is to have your new vehicle detailed and protected as quickly as possible , this will give you the best start to maintaining your vehicles appearance and longevity on your investment.

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