De-Icer on the roads? How it affects your vehicle

In central Oregon , winter time every year here we have the state spraying down all the major roadways with magnesium chloride (de icer ). This is to to help with ice build up on the roads , but it is terrible for your vehicle. In this blog , we are going to discuss why its so bad and what you can do to minimize the damage.

We will start with the obvious , the outside of your vehicle , magnesium chloride is a chemical designed to melt things , it does not dry, it can only be flushed away with water. That being said when you drive your vehicle around this time of year and it gets sprayed with de icer and you let it sit on your vehicle for any length of time it is literally eating into whatever surface its on. Your wheels , paint , chrome , plastic trim , rubber , glass is all being attacked by this melting agent. Also your undercarriage , suspension parts , etc as well.  to help minimize the damage to your vehicle, you should be washing your vehicle after any major road trip or anytime after a storm has passed and there is deicer mixed in the melted snow runoff every where.  You should have your undercarriage washed at least once a year to prevent rust from damaging the major structures that keep your vehicle together . Any professional detail and some car washes offer undercarriage washes .  I recommend frequently this this time of year to minimize the damage.

Your vehicles interior is also at risk to magnesium chloride , how ? you might be thinking. From your shoes!  Magnesium chloride eats your rubber mats , carpets etc. Those need to be cleaned and shampooed regularly as well . A good trick that i teach my clients is to flip there mats upside down this time of year . That way the bottom of the mat takes the brunt of the damage from the mag chloride .

Your  vehicles are the 2nd biggest investment you make it your lifetime , we invest hundreds in them monthly , thousands in them yearly . In my opinion if your taking the time to properly clean and maintain your investments throughout the year, you might as well light that money on fire . Happy vehicles last longer and look better.

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