A trained certified detailer VS a detailer

In this blog im going to point out some big differences between detailers that are educated , and continue educating and advancing in there field versus a person who has some experience detailing cars and decided to go into business for themselves. Not all detailers are created equal!

There this huge misconception that detailing cars is detailing cars , this could not be farther from the truth. That is  like saying that all chefs are the same , your not going to get a five star meal from the McDonalds cook , and your going to pay more for that five star chef. Same goes with detailing vehicles , sure pretty much anyone can clean up a car and make it look better than it did but did they use the proper products to ensure that the materials use to make up your vehicle were not damaged? Did they take the extra step and measure the thickness of your paint before they started running a high speed polisher on it ? Are they knowledgeable about the different functions of your vehicle and how to safely operate those functions without damaging your investment? Those are just some of the things that separate a professional detailer from some one who opened a detailing business. Just because they own a detailing business does not make them an expert.

Another big difference is continued education , as with any  other trade technology changes and advances the way we can do things . 20 years ago the only tools we used to polish paint were a high speed buffer , wool pad , foam pad  and compound and polish. Today we have a variety of choices such as random orbitals , forced rotation , 15mm /21mm d/a’s just to name a few. That’s just the tools ! The pads today are much better , the compounds and polishes more advanced etc so keeping up on them is very important . A detailer who has 20 years experience might look at these and say “I’ve been doing it my way for 20 years!” . His method probably has wokred for him for his career , but is he using the safest methods available on your vehicle ? Not if he is still using the same tools and methods he did 20 or even 10 years ago .

The types of materials your vehicle is comprised of is always changing as well , so educating ones self about the new materials is vital . Using the wrong product on the wrong material can cause irreversible damages. Again most shops have one product they use to clean everything usually an all purpose cleaner . We have come so far in the industry the last ten years with great SAFE cleaning products that will not harm your vehicle , loved ones , and are environmentally friendly as well. To me personally this comes down to wanting to detail the right way versus just wanting to make money .

These are just a few instances of lack of education and what are industry is dealing with at this current time . I would advise anyone considering having a vehicle detailed to to do your homework on the shop your thinking of using . Also if the price of your detail is cheaper than most others in your area ,my guess is there’s a reason . You get what you pay for . Also if you are a fellow detailer reading this and scoffing at it , its probably time to revaluate how educated of a detailer you truly are , its time to start detailing the right way!

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