Why theres no set prices to have your vehicle detailed

I would say 8/10 people who call me to inquire about having there vehicle detailed , the first question they ask is “how much”.  I understand that cost is a factor but I do believe that quality of work should be equally important , in this blog im going to attempt to explain why not all vehicles are the same price.

First there are several factors to consider , the size of the vehicle is one important factor . Should a mini cooper cost the same as a suburban? NO , the suburban is much bigger and going to take longer to clean , simple as that.

Next is the condition of your vehicle, we could be detailing two of the same exact vehicles and each are going to have its own set of stains, paint defects , etc. All these factors are why we give a ballpark price  over the phone . The detailing industry is very similar to auto body and collision repair. Just like them we must assess the damage before we can give you an actual price.

Another factor is my customers concerns . Maybe he/she only is concerned with the kid messes in the interior but could care less about the exterior or vice versa .

Please dont focus solely on price either , cheap does not equal good and good work should not be cheap. A good detail should be 300-500.00 most of the time . Also inquire what type of products they use then research those products. They might be using the same products that you yourself could by at walmart or your local auto parts store . These types of products are consumer grade and not very long lasting . I would encourage anyone interested in having a vehicle detailed to inquire more into the training and products a detailer has rather  than just solely focused on price!

Happy Detailing !

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