Dull Headlights? The right and wrong way to make them look new again

We have all seen those cloudy , yellow looking headlights that just dull any cars appearance. I often wonder when i see really bad headlights how the people can even see at night. There are a lot of places offering headlight restorations and all kind of do it yourself kits for the consumer. In this article im going to elaborate on those methods and about the best method I have found to restore headlights back to like new condition and keep them that way for years!

Most places offering headlight restoration are doing it this way , sanding the oxidation off the headlight then polishing the lens to make them look good , if your lucky they might throw some wax on them to protect them for a month or two . This is the same for the DIY kits that can be bought . While this method restores the clarity of the lights , it does not protect them from the source of the problem : the suns uv rays. In fact using this method has actually damaged the lens more , by sanding and polishing them out you are actually removing any remaining uv protective coating that might have been on there so the lights are going to re oxidize even faster than before .

My method of choice is similar but with one big difference . I start by sanding the lights to remove the oxidation and any other imperfections, I then re apply the factory clear UV protection to the lights. This method is from my research the way to get the longest lasting protection for your headlights.

While the first method might be cheaper , you will be having it done or doing it yourself every 3-6 months . What a pain ! My chosen method of sanding and re applying the factory UV coating will get you at least 2 years if not more and the cost difference is not that big .  Keep your ride looking good with nice new looking headlights and keep you and your family safe while night driving.


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