Central Oregon VS Your Vehicle!!

Here in our beautiful high desert area of central Oregon , we have amazing views , outdoor areas and around 300 days a year of sunshine! One thing a lot of people don’t realize is how bad an area this is for vehicles. From the sunshine to the snow , our environment is wreaking havoc on your vehicle.

First lets touch on the obvious , winter time here is brutal on vehicles . We all know that . We have cinder , de icer , snow runoff , freezing temperatures , water , and other pollutants tag teaming your vehicle 3-4 months out of the year . That’s why every time we get a sunny day you see the local car washes packed out to the street with filthy cars waiting to get rinsed off, but is a simple wash enough? For the most YES…. unless you haven’t waxed or had your vehicle detailed prior to winter. I say this because wax isn’t just to make your vehicle shiny, it protects your vehicle from all of the above. Simply washing your vehicle year around isn’t enough and is probably inflicting more damage to your paint than good. I recommend waxing your vehicle at least 2 times a year. Ideally 3-4 times . There are products out there now days that make washing and waxing your vehicle a breeze.

Now lets touch on spring and summer time . Even though there’s not harsh chemicals on the ground there is still lots of environmental things impacting your vehicles finish , the biggest is the sun . The suns uv rays are harsh on your vehicles paint and can cause fading and clear coat breakdown. Then there’s tree saps , bird droppings  , bug acids , road construction pollutants . All of these play a major part in breaking down your paints clear coat system . Again keeping your vehicles washed and protected will go  a long way in keeping these harsh environmental hazards at bay! We carry a full line of products or i’m sure any parts store or shopping center will carry them as well.


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