A detailers struggle

We as detailers see your vehicle very differently than you might . To us you have swirls, scratches, RIDS , oxidation , environmental fallout, different types of stains , sticky kid messes , everywhere we look we see another issue we are going to have to resolve. You as a consumer probably just see shiny , colorful paint, maybe some small scratches that should come out easy and an interior thats not to bad and needs just a quick vac. In our detailer brains we are thinking hours up on hours of reconditioning to bring your vehicle back to its maximum  potential. As a consumer your probably thinking 1-2 hours tops will have my car looking new again .


As a detailer I can tell you first hand that its a daily struggle finding that fine line between doing enough to satisfy your customer and staying profitable. I try to go above and beyond for each customer that we have the pleasure of detailing for yet I struggle with doing way more than whats actually been paid for and making sure that each vehicle meets our high standards and more importantly exceeds a customers expectations. . We have to go through a certain process and several steps to achieve the level of desired outcome and those processes and steps take time to complete hence the reason for charging a reasonable amount for what we do . Some of us also invest in good equipment , tools , training and continued education to make  sure we a delivering the best outcome safely and efficiently. Doing things the right way takes time like all good thing in life.


We try our best to bring your vehicle to its maximum potential safely , without damaging any aspect of your vehicle or compromising its integrity. To accomplish this we have to evaluate the issues going on with your vehicle and address them accordingly . Please bare with us as we struggle to achieve your desired results while struggling with ocd.

Sincerely ,

All Detailers