When is the best time of year to have my car detailed?

We get this question a lot , especially during winter months . Honestly there is no wrong time of year to have your vehicle cleaned and protected. Most people want to see there freshly detailed vehicle all shiny in the sunny weather and enjoy it staying clean longer in the spring and summer months . This idea is true but protection is the key in winter months and that’s where detailing your vehicle during those months still has its value.

Your vehicle probably wont stay cleaner looking longer with all the rain , de-icer , mud , snow, cinders , etc on the ground . But with the right educated , properly trained detailer it will remain protected which is most important. Think about this , if your vehicle just went through the whole spring and summer getting hammered by the sun , tree sap , road grime etc and you didn’t protect it then , the winter is even harsher on your vehicle . So its better to get it detailed and protected sooner rather than later.

We recommend and only use ceramic based protectants because there are more chemical resistant , last longer , and have higher uv ray protection rating . Check out our educational site : www.cermaiccoatmycaroregon.com for more info . More importantly make sure you do your homework on the detailer you choose to have work on your second most expensive possession. They should be trained and certified with credentials to match there experience.