6 Reasons to keep your car clean.

Maintaining a vehicle comes with challenges. For many people, having a tidy, well-washed car isn’t a priority. If you’re among that group—or need to convince a loved one to spruce up his or her car—check out these important reasons to keep your car clean.

  • You can avoid embarrassing driving situations. We’ve all had to scoop a jacket and some CDs off of our passenger seats so that someone could sit comfortably in our cars. Though it happens to us all at one time or another, if you’re having to do damage control day after day, that can be a problem. Instead, make sure that you regularly clean your car—inside and out.
  • Dirty cars are valued less by buyers. Let’s be honest—if someone offered to sell you a filthy car, you’d probably politely decline. If you’re hoping to sell your vehicle, then that’s just another item among the many reasons to keep your car clean.
  • Unclean cars can breed bacteria. If you don’t remember to routinely clean your car, you could be creating the ideal environment for bacteria. Leaving food or drink waste and dirty items like old gym clothes in your car can breed bacteria—and your vehicle won’t smell too good, either.
  • Passengers—and drivers—find cluttered cars to be uncomfortable. If your passengers have to share space with sports supplies, umbrellas, and boxes, they’re all in for a less-than-cozy ride. As a show of consideration and respect, you should make sure to clean out your car before driving anyone.
  • Clean cars mean a higher gas mileage. That’s right—messy cars can decrease your fuel efficiency by up to two miles per gallon. Save fuel—and cash—by cleaning up your car.
  • Dirtiness also means danger. Keeping your car clean isn’t just an aesthetic choice—it can be an issue of safety too. Though you may not expect it, having a dirty car can put you at risk of danger. After all, if you lose visibility in your windows, mirrors, or windshield, this can drastically reduce your reaction time in the event of an accident. Add in clutter blocking your sight—or the path from your foot to the pedals—and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Whether you’re thinking of fuel economy or fun rides with friends, there are plenty of reasons to keep your car clean. Not only should you try to de-clutter and vacuum your car, but you should schedule routine car washes. After all, you’ll want the exterior of your vehicle to look just as good as the interior! Ready to take the next step in keeping your car clean? Check us out here: www.perfectionplus.biz